About Me

About Julia:

What hasn’t been done before? What would strike the right chord between innovative and widely received?

Thoughts like these keep Julia up at night, as she continues to expand her career as a fashion designer, writer, editor, and professor.

Starting in 2001 with her eponymous womenswear label Julia DiNardo, she later segued into t-shirt and handbag design followed by writing and later editing within the fashion industry, working with a variety of prestigious brands and publications such as GQ, Redbook, Liz Claiborne, and J.Crew. With a bachelor’s degree from New York University in fashion marketing and Italian, and a Masters from Columbia, Pittsburgh native Julia DiNardo is proud of her upbringing and brings back to the city her Pittsburgh-based Neighbor Teaze collection of witty and humorous tees. Julia can be found several nights a week on NYU’s campus where she continues to teach, pens www.fashionpulsedaily.com as well as continues to freelance and consult for a variety of fashion magazines and websites.